My Dev Retro 2022 - From Rags to Riches

My Dev Retro 2022 - From Rags to Riches

My Journey to development, hacking, making and building.

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Since I was in middle school I always wanted to create something great for the community, especially when I see the scams and dumb projects that got funded why mine couldn't do it that's not a scam.

So that's why I got into development to create and help the community.


As a student when I was in high school I didn't have time to practice because I had to take control over my other responsibilities such as learning the subjects I got that year.

But even though I passed most of my classes I created tons of projects based on my school such as Discord BOTs and web APIs and other services that revolved around my school and my friends to help everyone in the class and school.

Starting Out

Once I gathered my confidence to start these projects I mentioned before I started freelancing and creating projects for friends and families around my hometown.

After I finished high school and graduated with 2 "professions" and joined the University Of Szeged right after it, where I joined several business development classes where I got invited to a team based on my past work where I started MVP development with that team.

After the finished class and MVP, I got in contact with one of our mentors and team members who were working at a local startup parallel to this MVP and I got invited and offered a job at that startup where I work to this day and I love it.

Overall, staying productive and managing my time has required me to be efficient with its and also a combination of planning, and flexibility. By setting clear goals, creating a schedule, and taking breaks, you will be able to stay focused and achieve more for sure.

How it's going

It worked out.

I met with the other half of the team and the guys behind the startup and it's a wonderful place just like a family.

I faced many problems and even created some, but I managed to figure out some on my own and the rest with the team and my mentors.

I wish the best for the team and I'm gonna put more work in to be a valued member.

Future Plans and Todos

  • Creating more open-source and community-centric projects

  • Starting tech blogs just like this one

  • Learning other languages

    • Programming

      • Go, Rust
    • Native

      • Deutsch, Mandarin, and Russian
  • PWA, SPA, and mobile and cross-platform app development.

  • And other self-development in the big-lettered LIFE.

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